Product Overview

The name SüChek evolved from the combination of two words sugar and check as well as our previously developed product platform uChek. A large population in the country neglects the importance of tracking blood sugar levels because the cost per test prohibits adoption. In order to address this rising trend of diabetes in the country, we came up with a solution that is accurate and cost effective at the same time.


The device uses a colorimetric system to detect the change in colour of the test strip. It requires soaking the test area of the strip with a blood drop for 30 seconds following which it is wiped and placed in the reader. The reader detects the change in colour and estimates blood glucose concentration accurately.


The accuracy of SüChek is comparable to other glucose concentration analyser instruments available in market and is in compliance with ISO 15197 with greater than 95% readings with +/-
20% of the reference.


  •   Affordable:

  •   Mobile connectivity:

  •   500 Test Memory:

  •   Portable & lightweight:

  • Diabetes monitoring has never been more affordable. SüChek uses blood glucose reagent strips (GRS) that change colour depending on concentration of glucose in blood. These strips are equally reliable and more cost effective as compared to existing glucose strips in the market.
  • SüChek can be connected with a smartphone running on Android platform and the data can be imported into an android app. You can analyse, share and trend your glucose levels as well as get health tips to intelligently monitor your sugar levels.
  • You can sync all your entries on the smartphone but in case you don't, you can still view the most recent results by using the two way scrolling buttons on SüChek. Upto 500 new test entries always remain in device. Oldest entry gets replaced if memory is full.
  • The device is smaller than a deck of visiting cards, easily slips into your bag and weighs less than 100gms.

  •   Instrument System:
  •   Operating principle:
  •   Testing Time:
  •   Electric Supply:
  •   Memory:
  •   Dimensions (LxBxH):
  •   Weight:
  •   Test Strips:
  •  Colorimetric Transduction
  •  Reflectance photometer
  •  60 seconds
  •  3V Coin cell (CR2016)
  •  500 tests
  •  72mm x 42mm x 22 mm
  •  Less than 100 gms
  •  Biosense GRS

How to use

You will need Biosense GRS (Glucose Reagent Strip)


Switch On the device (Top button)


Prick your finger with a lancet. A sufficiently large drop of blood is needed.


Spread the blood drop evenly on the test pad of the strip as shown below. Immediately, press the test (bottom) button to initiate the 60 second countdown.


Now wait for exactly 30 seconds to let the test pads soak up the blood.


At 30th second wipe off the excess blood from the strip using a tissue paper.


Insert the strip in the device into the slot on the right side as shown below. Make sure that the test pads are facing the top.


Press the start button, the device will measure & display the blood glucose content in mg/dL.


You will find here a list of frequently asked questions regarding SüChek. We hope that your query gets answered once you have read through the following. In case of further queries, we will appreciate you writing back to us at

1) What is SüChek?

A: SüChek, Intelligent Sügar Management, is an affordable glucometer that estimates the value of glucose in your blood accurately. The system consists of an instrument with test strips that have colour change on the test pads corresponding to the concentration of sugar in blood. While maintaining accuracy, the price of strips is much lower than those available in the market. For improved management and control, the instrument also connects to a smartphone and communicate through the SüChek app. SüChek is developed by Biosense Technologies Private Limited in collaboration with Nanobios Lab, IIT Bombay.

2) How can I buy SüChek?

A: SüChek is only a Beta release at the moment and is not available to the mass market immediately. Continue reading and you'll realise we have a surprise for the top 100 registrants of the "Be A Beta" Program.

3) How am I benefited as a "Beta" user?

A: As part of the "Be a Beta" program, we will provide the first 100 registrants with a kit, which includes the instrument and a bottle of strips free of cost. Yes you heard it right, you get to evaluate the device and keep it too :) We will engage with you on a long term basis to gain valuable insights from you on usability related factors.

4) What is the price for SüChek?

A: The market price of the SüChek instrument is expected to be around Rs 1100. The cost of strips is still being worked out but is definitely going to be less than half the price of most strips available in the market.

5) How accurate is SüChek?

A: SüChek has accuracy in compliance with ISO 15197 with greater than 95% readings in +/- 20% of the reference. The accuracy of the device is comparable to other measuring systems available in the market.

6) What is SüChek app? How can I get it?

A: SüChek can be connected to an android phone using the SüChek app. The app collects the data for trending and analysis of glucose levels. In-app interface can also be used to perform test remotely through your smartphone. Test results can be saved against patient ID which is helpful where multi-user testing is involved. Other features include demographic analysis for prevalence of diabetes.
The app will be available in the play store to download for free.

7) Where do I get technical support for my device?

A: You can avail customer assistance for your SüChek device at +91-9167626888 from 10.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. For instruments that are sold, we offer a one time replacement warranty for the device within 6 months of purchase of device.